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Our Activities


Our Journey

Founded in February 2021, Fun 4 Over 50's UK was created following an incredible success of dance and exercise classes delivered across London. Its founder, Paola Andrea Gianelli, native from Colombia and with over 15 years of experience in delivering these classes, is passionate and committed about promoting health living, improving wellbeing, and tackling isolation and loneliness. This is why we deliver much more than classes: we organise days out special and seasonal events to promote social inclusion. Fun 4 Over 50's UK main goal is to bring both physical and mental benefit to attendees. We are not just your usual  gym or your usual dance classes studio. We build bridges within immediate communities, we deliver results and above all, we care about our people.

Fun 4 Over 50's UK


At 81 years of age - I feel fit, healthy,  not on medication, can run, jump, skip - it gives me great pleasure to say that my excellent state of wellbeing is hugely because of Fun 4 Over 50's UK Zumba and activities As well the amazing support by Neighbourhood Keepers fund. It has been four years since my first session, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The dancing is great fun and  as a person our instructor Andrea also goes out of her way for us. We are so lucky and privileged to be part of her Fun 4 Over 50's UK group.

Thank you Andrea.

We love you!


                          Robin aged 81

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Let's Get Moving

We can't wait to welcome you. Check out our latest videos below for a taste of what our classes are all about and visit 'Our Activities' section for the updated classes timetables and events. We look forward to seeing you soon !

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